Becoming a tattoo artist

With the tattoo industry becoming more popular, the potential for making a career out of tattooing is opening up for a lot of people. If you are one of the individuals who can see themselves working as a tattoo artist, then there are some things you need to know first. In this article you will learn how to become a tattoo artist.

Learning how to become a tattoo artist isn’t easy. And it isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have some raw artistic talent, then it probably isn’t the job for you. But if you’re artistic side is one of your strongest, then you just might have what it takes. The first step is to exercise your artistic skill. Books, classes and fellow artists can help you do this. Once you’ve put in the time you need in order to be the best artist on paper, put together a portfolio of your work. This is essentially a collection of your art put together in a professional looking way to show to potential employers.

The next step in learning how to become a tattoo artist is getting an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is like an internship, where you work for someone for free and learn from them as you go. Apprenticing will give you valuable knowledge about the tattoo business. You can get an apprenticeship by networking. Ask your friends and their friends if they know of one available. You can also approach tattoo parlor owners with your portfolio to ask them about becoming an apprentice.

There is no formal ending to an apprenticeship. It ends when the teacher, or shop owner decides that the apprentice is ready and prepared to tattoo professionally. Sometimes a contract is signed at the beginning of the apprenticeship. Other times, the teacher might hire you as an employee. Now that you have learned how to become a tattoo artist, you will be free to look for a job elsewhere, or even open your own tattoo parlor.

Learning how to become a tattoo artist is like many other professions, it’s never really over. As time goes on, you’ll learn new techniques and processes from employers, co-workers, workshops, conventions and even employees. As a tattoo artist, you should always be open to learning and developing your skill. This is the best way to become and remain successful in the business.

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