Unquestionably, dragon tattoos are the most sought after styles of tattoos. You can discover this for yourself by just visiting your local beach and looking around. What exactly is it about these dragons that bring people to get there tattoos done. This is an explanation of the rise and history of dragon tattoos, and how it's become incredibly popular in the past decade.
To begin with, consider the animal represented by the design. You may be surprised to learn that dragons are found in cultures all over the earth. The dragon is almost always found in one form or another while studying the ancient civilizations of the European, Oriental, and Iranian. The dragon surely has some substance in this lifetime. Monitor lizards and scaly serpants are living examples of dragons. We may never know why dragons are prevalent in so many cultures, but it certainly proves their attraction and mythical power. Regardless of your origins or ancestry, a dragon can be an integral part of your view of yourself.

Drakes are usually shown as reptiles. Although their physical appearance may differ from country to country, dragons generally possess certain basic characteristics, regardless of the culture. According to lore, this mythical animal could travel quickly, breathe fire, and vanquish his enemies quickly. These two characteristics contribute to the dragon's fearsome reputation, so beware!

Dragon tattoos symbolize different meanings to different people. Not only is the tattoo an intricate, complex, and visually-stunning design, it also holds symbolic value and serves as a way to express yourself. To the males, power and wisdom may be represented by the dragon. According to some beliefs, dragons worn by women represent dishonesty and cunning.

Don't forget that dragons are both friend and foe to Mankind. Providing transport in and out of battle, wizards often used mythical dragons as their steed. At that instance, bad dragons were a mean species who was likely to cause destruction without a warning. A hot dragon's breath of fire can incinerate even the most brave warriors. The feelings invoked by a dragon may be part of its appeal. You need to be observant before approaching a dragon, as you don't know if it is friend or foe. You can't help asking for more information, in a sense. The good thing about a nice dragon tattoo is, that it can easily be a way to start a conversation.