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Caring for your tattoo once you have gotten it can be one of the most important steps in the whole experience. If you do not properly care for it, you may as well have not gotten it. Or even worse you just paid for an infection! Not something many people would willingly do. Your tattoo is a self-inflicted injury that you need to nurse back to health to ensure it looks just like the day you got it (minus all the red irritated swelling). So how exactly do you care for your new tattoo?

Leave the gauze on for a few hours or even better overnight. After you remove the gauze you will need to clean the area. Stay away from soaps and do your best to keep it relatively dry. Gently clean it and then coat it with a thin coat of antibiotic ointment that was either supplied or that you purchased at the drug store. Repeat this throughout the day as you feel the tattoo drying and to minimize the itch from the healing process. Ensure anytime you touch the tattoo you do so using clean hands. Continue with this process for the first 3-7 days dependent on how you heal.

Tattoo care is very basic and follows many of the same rules and principle of caring for any sort of wound, which is exactly what a tattoo is. You have self inflicted a injury (colourful one at that) that needs time to heal and return to its natural state (more or less).